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My Story

Without a doubt, dogs are my passion! That is no question. At the moment I have two of my own who teach me, make me laugh, make me focus on the important things in life and help me never forget how grateful I am they choose me as their owner.


I believe that it is not only education but passion, connection, respect, empathy and an open mind what makes someone a good dog trainer. And all of these qualities need to go hand in hand with having the educational knowledge. That is one of the reasons why I have a dog trainer diploma that I made  in Switzerland at ATN and a Pro Dog Trainer certification from the UK. However, one cannot know all, so it is important for me to stay hungry for new learning,  take part in workshops, seminars, coaching, etc. 


I have found games-based approach several years ago and I instantly fell in love with this fun and unique way of teaching. Games-based training is the mix of dog behaviour science combined with fun games that both dog and owner enjoy. Therefore, shortly I became one of the first Pro Dog Trainers here in Switzerland. ​ My focus is on the dog in front of me and the owner(s), to help them overcome any struggle they would face with their furry friend and to have the dog which they always dreamed of. Combining concept/games-based approach and positive reinforcement will give you the real life results.

Eszter with Pedro & Dorka

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